Jay Northcote

So, this morning I woke up to the word on the street (aka Facebook), that once again, Amazon has made significant changes to the pay structure for Kindle Unlimited with no advance notice.

The short version: They’ve found another way to pay authors less


The long version:

The payout for books on Kindle Unlimited is calculated based on two factors.

The KENPC (which is the official Amazon calculated page count of your book), and the rate they pay per page read (which is currently 0.0046c per page).

So, for example a book with a KENPC (page count) of 100 pages would earn $0.46 if someone borrows and reads the whole book.

What Amazon have done, is change the way they calculate the KENPC. I’m not sure how this affects other books, but for mine – they have taken a significant cut in page count, and therefore will be taking a…

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