Ashe Barker

Scintillating SundayWelcome to my blog, and to Scintillating Sunday, brought to us each week by the Mile High Muses. This weekend I thought I’d share another snippet from In the Eyes of the Law, my story in the Over The Knee anthology.

intheeyesofthelaw_800 (1)

Here are my eight (or so) sentences…

He could read situations, by which I mean he read me like a book, and always delivered the perfect formula. If I needed hard, rough, savage, that’s what he would provide. Alternatively, there were times I just wanted to be held, to feel loved and cared for, and he would do that too. He always knew, always got it right.

Today, I need to hurt. And he already has his belt coiled in his hand.

Over The Knee brings you SIX sizzling spanky stories in one anthology.  I’m in fabulous company too, snuggled up in this bottom-warming dream collection with five…

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