Christina Mandara


Tis Sunday – if you’re not still asleep and lurking under the covers, I have some vampire naughtiness for you. If you are still asleep, get yourself a cup of coffee and wake up! Naughtiness waits for no-one!!


Desiring Death

‘Do you want to run, Violetta?’ His voice was a dangerously low drawl. He gave her mind an extra hard push to make sure she answered him this time. He knew she felt it, because her head snapped back in shock. Yeah and that’s only the half of it sweet pea, he thought.

‘Yes,’ she whispered and there was a hint of vulnerability now in her voice. She wasn’t lying, not that she would have been able to. He could feel her body trying to prime itself for flight, but that avenue was not open to her. To be fair, just about all avenues were locked down and closed…

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