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scintillatingsundayIs time apart, time well spent? What happens to all that lust when a passionate couple have to wait for a reunion?

For Scintillating (I do love that word) Sunday, I’ve picked through the three books that make up the Sublime Trust series to bring you these eight paragraphs. Now if you’re not familiar with my kinky couple, then all you need know is that Jason is the boss and Gemma is especially willing to do all that  pleases him. Jason is on the way back from a business trip and Gemma can’t wait for him to walk through the door.


passionate-kissShe bounced around the house, waiting for him to walk through the door. She greeted him in the hallway. One of his extra-special lingering kisses with her back pinned against the wall. It told her all she needed to know. He wanted her, no waiting around for the evening.

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