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October 2015

Her Cowboy In Charge – A Spanking Romance – #MySexySaturday #SMEXY #SPANKING


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Can a city girl find love in the arms of a take-charge country cowboy

in the small town of Whitefish, Montana?


Slipping off her stool she walked over to him put her arms around his neck.

“I can’t wait to experience my first white winter. Will you keep me warm?”

“I’ll keep your butt warm,” he said softly, wrapping his arms around her.

“Butterflies,” she whispered.

“That’s always a good sign,” he replied, then fisting her hair he yanked back her head and gazed down at her. “Ya know there’s two kinds of spankin’.”

“There are?” she breathed, thinking if he let go of her hair her knees would buckle.

“Sure. There’s good, old-fashioned punishment, then there’s slow, sensuous spankin’. Maybe I’ll introduce you to that later. You’re stayin’ over, right?”


Thanks for visiting, and listed below are…

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#ScintillatingSunday – Over The Knee

Ashe Barker

Scintillating SundayWelcome to my blog, and to Scintillating Sunday, brought to us each week by the Mile High Muses. This weekend I thought I’d share something from In the Eyes of the Law, my story in the Over The Knee anthology.

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Over The Knee brings you SIX sizzling spanky stories in one anthology. This bottom-warming dream collection is due for general release on 20 October but you can pre-order it from Amazon, or if you want to get your hands on it a few days earlier you can download it direct from Totally Bound. I’m in fabulous company too, snuggled up with five of my favourite erotic authors. This is one not to be missed.
Totally Bound   Amazon
Here are my eight sentences.

“You need something quite…intense, I think, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking me for this. Would you agree?”

I offer him a sharp…

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#ScintillatingSunday – Are you WET for ME? #PNR PR & Vampire

Christina Mandara


Tis Sunday – if you’re not still asleep and lurking under the covers, I have some vampire naughtiness for you. If you are still asleep, get yourself a cup of coffee and wake up! Naughtiness waits for no-one!!


Desiring Death

‘Do you want to run, Violetta?’ His voice was a dangerously low drawl. He gave her mind an extra hard push to make sure she answered him this time. He knew she felt it, because her head snapped back in shock. Yeah and that’s only the half of it sweet pea, he thought.

‘Yes,’ she whispered and there was a hint of vulnerability now in her voice. She wasn’t lying, not that she would have been able to. He could feel her body trying to prime itself for flight, but that avenue was not open to her. To be fair, just about all avenues were locked down and closed…

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#ScintillatingSunday – Time well spent

Source: #ScintillatingSunday – Time well spent

#ScintillatingSunday – Time well spent

Jaye Peaches - Author

scintillatingsundayIs time apart, time well spent? What happens to all that lust when a passionate couple have to wait for a reunion?

For Scintillating (I do love that word) Sunday, I’ve picked through the three books that make up the Sublime Trust series to bring you these eight paragraphs. Now if you’re not familiar with my kinky couple, then all you need know is that Jason is the boss and Gemma is especially willing to do all that  pleases him. Jason is on the way back from a business trip and Gemma can’t wait for him to walk through the door.


passionate-kissShe bounced around the house, waiting for him to walk through the door. She greeted him in the hallway. One of his extra-special lingering kisses with her back pinned against the wall. It told her all she needed to know. He wanted her, no waiting around for the evening.

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#ScintillatingSunday – A First Impression

Ashe Barker

Scintillating SundayWelcome to my blog, and to Scintillating Sunday, brought to us by the Mile High Muses. My latest release, First Impressions, came out a couple of weeks ago so I want to share a few paragraphs from that.

First Impressions, Ashe Barker

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Here’s the excerpt, just eight (or so) sentences. George is getting her first glimpse of Aidan’s play room.

She saw that restraints were attached to the four bedposts, and several large rings were suspended from beams in the ceiling at various positions around the room. There were some on the walls too. She could see that more items were partly concealed beneath the bed, a further collection of straps and buckles, and she caught sight of a length of chain. The floor was of polished wood, though several mats were scattered about.

He likes his guests to be comfortable…

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#ScintillatingSunday – I’m INSIDE your HEAD! #BDSM

Source: #ScintillatingSunday – I’m INSIDE your HEAD! #BDSM

#ScintillatingSunday – I’m INSIDE your HEAD! #BDSM

Christina Mandara


Hello and welcome to SUNDAY! Lay in bed, relax, get yourself a cup of coffee… and read naughtiness!



“I’m inside your head. This isn’t real,” she said angrily.

He merely smiled in return. There was a shower of fiery, incandescent sparks and suddenly a molten line of letters were embedded into each cuff in turn. She shrieked out loud as she saw ‘Property of M. Martinet’ emblazoned on both the upper and lower curves of her restraints. “It’s real enough, pumpkin. You can think of this as the dress rehearsal, in any case. We’ll replay the whole thing through properly tomorrow. He gave her a wink and his tongue descended once more.

This time she could not move more than an inch without hurting herself. The metal held her tightly in its fierce grip and it did not bend. She, on the other hand, would have to bend…

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#MySexySaturday – All About a Sexy First Impression

Ashe Barker

My Sexy Saturday Page Header #3A very warm welcome to my blog, and thank you for dropping in on Week 113 of My Sexy Saturday. This is the bloghop where erotic authors share seven scorching words, sentences or paragraphs to spread a little love at the weekend.
If you haven’t already found it,  why not check out the brand new My Sexy Saturday Author Central where you can learn all about the authors who take part every week.
Anyway, back to business. This week I’m sharing a bit more from First Impressions, my ultra-hot BDSM romance with a twist.
The theme for this week is All About Sexy, ideal for Aidan and George as they get to know each other. In this scene Aidan has walked into his kitchen to find George breastfeeding her baby. That’s not supposed to be sexy – or is it? Aidan certainly thinks it is.

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