Ashe Barker

Scintillating SundayWelcome to my blog, and to Scintillating Sunday, brought to us by the Mile High Muses. I’m loving finding some new (to me) authors as well as connecting with some old friends too. My latest release, First Impressions, came out this week so I want to share a few paragraphs from that.

First Impressions, Ashe Barker

Here’s the excerpt.

She gazed at him for a few moments, then her mouth curved in a smile. “You’re really good at this, aren’t you?”

“I try to be. So, tell me George, are you wet?”

“I…think I am, Sir.”

“Shall we find out?” He slid his hand between her spread thighs and drew a long, slow caress across her slit. He held his dampened fingers before her face. “Ah, yes. Very wet. Such a slut.”

“Is that a bad thing, Sir?”

He shook his head. “In this room, the sluttier the better. Taste.”

He put his…

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