“Ahh, there’s that pout I love.”

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Thank you for inviting me over, Morganna! I’ve brought a little something from my new book, Candi’s Debt. Candi is having a rough go of it with Hank, and she’s about to find out the night is still young as far as what her ‘daddy’ Hank has planned for her punishment.


Little by little I come back to myself. The stinging welts on my rump have made way to heated waves and I’ve never been as wet down there, as I am right now. Like my clit is beating in time with my pulse, swollen, heavy, needy wet.
I’m all longing and confusion when I look up at Hank. It must show because his eyes spark with an answering flare of fire before he palms my face and swipes my tears with his thumbs. For a fleeting second the look on his face is so tender my…

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