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August 2015




Aubrey Cara is here with a spicy excerpt from Candi’s Debt!-Someone has a sore bottom!

“Ahh, there’s that pout I love.”

via Aubrey Cara is here with a spicy excerpt from Candi’s Debt!-Someone has a sore bottom!.

Aubrey Cara is here with a spicy excerpt from Candi’s Debt!-Someone has a sore bottom!

“Ahh, there’s that pout I love.”

Morganna Williams Blog

Thank you for inviting me over, Morganna! I’ve brought a little something from my new book, Candi’s Debt. Candi is having a rough go of it with Hank, and she’s about to find out the night is still young as far as what her ‘daddy’ Hank has planned for her punishment.


Little by little I come back to myself. The stinging welts on my rump have made way to heated waves and I’ve never been as wet down there, as I am right now. Like my clit is beating in time with my pulse, swollen, heavy, needy wet.
I’m all longing and confusion when I look up at Hank. It must show because his eyes spark with an answering flare of fire before he palms my face and swipes my tears with his thumbs. For a fleeting second the look on his face is so tender my…

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Check out this sizzling new book by Aubrey Cara – Candi’s Debt

Ashe Barker

I’m delighted to be welcoming a guest to my blog today. Aubrey Cara has a toe-curling hero to introduce, and a feisty heroine. And one seriously hot, X-rated excerpt. Take it away, Aubrey.


Hi, Ashe
Thanks for inviting me over! Today, I’ve brought along hunky Hank, and his sweet princess, Candi from my new book Candi’s Debt. In a bid to protect her brother, Candi finds herself in hot water with some very dangerous men. Hank may not know all the facts, but what he does know is Candi needs the type of firm handed guidance only he can provide. This scene takes place after Hank catches Candi stealing orgasms.

“Kneel on the bed and put that pretty ass up in the air for daddy,” I say. I can see the indecision on her face. Nervous trepidation is quickly replacing arousal.

She glances at the doorway like she’s thinking…

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Aubrey Cara visits with my new favorite book!

Katherine Deane - Romance Author

Ok, it’s no secret that I’m a huge Aubrey Cara fan girl. Well, her latest story, Candi’s Debt, is my new favorite! I absolutely loved it! (Here’s my review 🙂 )  She’s visiting today with a lovely “spanky” excerpt- yum!!! Here she is 🙂

Katherine, thank you for inviting me over! I have a new book out, Candi’s Debt. I had such a fun time writing this story. Hank and Candi are both such strong willed characters, and it was great to see how these two ‘worked’ things out. Candi gets into a tight spot early in the story and very reluctantly asks Hank for help. This scene comes after Hank has laid down the law and all the rules he feels Candi should be abiding by.


Halfway done with my smoke I’m feeling calm again when the object of my musings strolls back into the office…

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